C.A.S.T. Tournament Rules and Scoring

1. FORMAT: Team tournament consisting of 2 persons per boat. This is a CO-ED tournament, and there must be one male and one female per team. Entry fee is $50 per boat with an optional $10 big bass pot unless otherwise specified. Bonus Bucks fee is $20 unless otherwise specified, and is also optional. No age requirement, other than the operator of the boat must be 16 or older. Hours are 7:00 to 3:00 pm unless otherwise specified. See Rule 17 for Draw and Entry deadlines.


2. BOATS/EQUIPMENT: Boats must be equipped with an aerated live well capable of keeping a limit of fish alive for the duration of the tournament.


3. PERMITTED FISHING METHODS: All bass must be caught live and in a conventional manner. Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork trailers. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. All angling must be conducted from the boat. Fish may not be foul hooked, snagged, or netted, except when landing a legally hooked fish. At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish or to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Nets are permitted for landing fish.


4. LEGAL FISH: Fish must be 12 inches in length minimum. Fish may consist of largemouth bass in all tournaments and/or smallmouth bass when laws, seasons, and permits allow. Length limit may be affected by special minimums or slot limits if applicable. Fish are measured using a golden rule or similar measuring device in any straight line (i.e.-either side, angled, fanned tail, pinched tail) with the mouth closed and the nose firmly against the vertical portion of the rule. If lake or regional laws apply, the minimum length will comply, including any slot limit requirements. Fish which have been mauled, mangled, or subjected to extreme mishandling will not be accepted for weigh in. *Note: Once your bag is given to the Weigh Master it becomes official. Remember to measure your fish before you weigh them. A courtesy board will be available at the weigh in site.


5. PENALTIES: Any fish under 12 inches will result in a loss of the short fish AND the largest remaining fish. This also disqualifies the largest fish from being eligible for big fish award. *Note: Once your bag is given to the weigh master it becomes official. Remember to measure your fish before you weigh them. There will be a 4oz. (.25 lb.) penalty for dead fish weighed in. Every effort must be made to release all fish alive and in good condition. Bags that are presented for weigh in that exceed the tournament limit of bass will be disqualified.


6. SCORING/AWARDS: Winner shall be determined by most weight for 6 fish. 6 FISH LIMIT Culling is permitted, but please make every effort not to possess more than 6 fish when you arrive at weigh in. This is to assure fish that will not be weighed are returned to the water as quickly as possible. Prizes will be awarded to 1 in 5 teams entered. See table below for examples. Big Fish award will be paid 100% to the single largest fish weighed. You must enter and have paid for the Big Fish award prior to the start of the tournament to be eligible. Two day events will have a separate Big Fish award for each day. Bonus Bucks award will be paid back 100% to eligible teams, and will pay multiple spots depending on number of participants.



The Big Bucks Pot is an optional $20 entry which will be paid out to the top finishing team(s) that have entered the Big Bucks Pot. Teams that do not enter the Big Bucks Pot are not eligible for this award. This does not affect payback of the normal entry fees. Bonus Bucks will pay back 1 in 5 teams entered (requires 8 or more to pay past 1st).



Some of our back to back events will offer an optional $20 pot for the highest combined weight for the two days. Only teams entering the 2 day bonus are eligible for the award. This will be paid back 100% to one team.


Additionally, if an event is scheduled as a two day event, rather than two separate back to back tournaments, additional rules to payback and entry fees may apply. These will be explained fully in any such cases.




Payback will be no less than 90% for all events.


18-23 teams entered, pay back to 4th


13-17 teams entered, pay back to 3rd


5-12 teams entered, pay back to 2nd


less than 5 teams, pay back for 1st only.


7. TIES: In case of a ties, Positions will be determined by:


1st tie breaker-number of fish alive.


2nd tie breaker-total fish.


3rd tie breaker-big fish.


4th tie breaker-coin toss.


Season Standings are determined by total points and bonus points accumulated during the qualifying tournaments and the TOC.


Ties for Season standings will be determined by:


1. Number of fish alive weighed.


2. Number of† fish weighed, including dead fish.


3. Total weight minus penalties for the season.


4. Big fish for the season.


8. Any rules violation on the lake could be reason to be DISQUALIFIED! This includes violations cited by law enforcement.


9. CONDUCT: There will be NO PASSING through marked "No Wake" areas. This does not include passing boats which are not using the navigable channel or have their combustion engine off or are fishing. Use common sense and courtesy when approaching other boats, whether they are tournament boats or not. It is strongly suggested that there be no fishing within 50 yards of any competitorís boat, whether or not they are anchored or have a buoy out if the competitor does not desire you within that distance. The first boat in the area should be considered as the team which has the fishing rights to that area, however, this does not give the right to "push" off other competitors by continuing to approach them. Passing each other in opposite directions along a shoreline is acceptable. A buoy placed by a competitor shall reserve the area in a 50 yard radius of the buoy, providing the person who placed the buoy is also within 50 yards of such buoy. A buoy may not be used to "reserve" a spot prior to the start of the tournament. Please be courteous to all using the lake and towards your fellow competitors. We are all representatives of Tournament fishing and are responsible for how others perceive us.


10. SAFETY: Life vests MUST be worn when the combustion engine is in operation. NO exceptions, and violation of this rule will result in disqualification. Running lights are to be used to arrive or depart under low light conditions. All other safety equipment required by law must be in good working condition.


11. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Teams may fish any water accessible by boat without altering or getting out of the boat. No "sinking" of boats or removing of permanent parts (any attached at start of tournament such as windshields, motor cowling, etc.) to gain access to other waters. Seats and depth finders may be removed for passage under low bridges, etc. If tournament permits restrict areas, it will be announced which bodies of water are off limits at the pre-tournament meeting. No fishing within 50 feet of any gas pumps (safety issue). You are not allowed to fish in any channel in which you block other boats from passing. You may do so if you are able to move out of the way far enough and quickly enough as not to impede the travel of other boats.


12. OFF LIMITS: Midnight of the day prior to the tournament. Example: Tournament is on Saturday, must be off lake at midnight on Friday night. No fishing between tournaments on two day events or single events which take place on consecutive days.


13. INCLEMENT WEATHER: Tournament will not start with lightning in area. During tournament hours,


anglers are urged to seek shelter if severe weather or lighting occurs, preferably at the weigh in site.


If weather persists, tournament will be called off. Tournament will be deemed complete if more than 4


hours of fishing has been completed, not necessarily continuous.


14. All State and Federal fishing regulations apply.


15. The Tournament Director will make the final judgment on all violations.




Teams will be awarded points for place of finish in each of the 4 qualifying events based on the following:


























































†††††††††††††††† † ††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††† †

Teams reporting to weigh in with no fish will receive 30 points ††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††† †

Teams which do not report back to weigh in will receive 0 points †††††††† ††††††††††††††††† †


Big Fish will earn an additional 2 bonus points.


Season standings will be based on accumulated points through all events.


Teams will be eligible for the Tournament of Champions based on the following:


The winners of any event will be automatically eligible, providing they have fished a minimum of 2 events.


All teams finishing in the top 10 will be eligible. If a team which has won any event(s) is also in the top 10 final standings, the next highest ranked team will become eligible as well. This could allow up to 14 teams to participate in the TOC (4 event winners plus the top 10 ranked teams that did not win an event). Any team that has fished all 4 qualifying events automatically is eligible for the TOC.


If qualified teams can not make the tournament, the spot will go to the next highest ranked team in order to fill the TOC field.


The Tournament Director may invite additional teams which have participated in 2 or more qualifying events as seen fit in order to insure a full field for the TOC. This could result in more than 14 boats.


The TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS will be awarded points in the same fashion as the qualifying tournament, except that points will be doubled. Final season standings will be based on points earned through the 4 qualifying events PLUS the TOC.


17. DRAW for ease off positions will be held at 6:00pm the night prior to a tournament. Entries must be received 1 week prior to the tournament. NO Entries shall be accepted after the one week cutoff. Big Fish and Bonus Bucks fees must be paid in full along with your entry to be eligible for those awards.